A Charming Log Home With Covered Deck, Take A Peek Inside!

Take a look inside the Beehive Bungalow, a log home built by Tyler and Casey who were excited to build a log home near their parent’s log home. Jubach Log Homes were happy to work with them on a custom design and build their first cottage-style home. The result is a charming and unique 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a full masonry fireplace, loft, extended entry, covered deck with hot tub, and fire pit area.


If you’ve ever considered escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life, Hocking Hills is the perfect place to do just that and reconnect with nature, and yourself. It’s nearly impossible to describe the unsurpassed beauty of the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. The area is chock-full of natural wonders, including historic caves, enthralling waterfalls, breathtaking natural rock formations, winding rivers, gorgeous canopies of forestry, and miles of scenic trails, to name a few. Whether you are a nature enthusiast who loves a calming stroll through nature’s bounties, are a thrill-seeker longing to zip from tree to tree, or are a foodie looking for the hidden-gem restaurants and bars, the Hocking Hills region truly has something for everyone. Jubach Log Homes can confidently say there is no better place in Ohio to escape to than the Hocking Hills. Owning your log home in this area allows you to experience this slice of paradise whenever you’d like.

A sensible investment. The region sees from three to five million visitors every year and has shown steady growth each year in recent history. From an investment perspective, owning a log home in the Hocking Hills is a sound decision. Property values in the area have held steady, and if you’re interested in renting your log home now or in the future, the steadily increasing trend of visitors is a great indicator of bookings.

Exterior log quality and treatment. The exteriors from Jubach Log Homes are built using northern white pine logs that are properly dried and milled to their engineering specifications in their sawmill. They are treated with a patented wood protector that penetrates the wood deeply and protects against water damage, as well as UV damage caused by sunlight and natural weathering. It also helps prevent chalking and related wash-down staining.

Locally Grown and Crafted Hardwood. The hardwood used in their interiors is grown locally and crafted by our exclusive cabinet shop. This wood is used throughout the interiors of the house from the floor, cabinets, paneling, railing, and other finishing trim. Mixed Wood Walls. They use a multi-species wood mixture of maple, red oak, white oak, sassafras, and hickory on the interior walls to bring the colors and textures of nature into the log home.

Quality Kitchen. The kitchen is where you spend a great deal of time, so the company goes to great lengths to ensure this space is special. They work with a specialty cabinet maker that makes cabinets, custom for each home, out of quality hardwoods. They can be customized with various design features, as well as a wide variety of stains and colors.





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