8 Ranch-style tiny homes, #4 is fantastic

6. Two-bedroom square ranch from Houseplans
This tiny ranch style home comes in at 576 square feet (54 square meters) and includes a lot in its layout. Customizable, and built on a crawl space foundation, it has a large decking area and combined wood storage closet. The main rooms are all open-plan, with a utility closet between the kitchen and bathroom. The two double bedrooms have built-in closet space at the back of the property.

7. Two-bedroom ranch property from ePlans
At 800 square feet (74 square meters), this ranch property would ideally suit a couple or a small family. A front porch the width of the house leads into the living area, complete with a cosy fireplace. The kitchen and breakfast bar sit at the head of the living space and open out onto a screened porch. A central hall takes you to the bathroom, utility cupboard and both bedrooms, each with built-in storage.