8 Ranch-style tiny homes, #4 is fantastic

2. Spacious two bedroom ranch from ePlans
A sweet ranch design for small families or empty nesters, this two bedroom design comes in at 900 square feet (84 square meters). It features a shared bathroom, accessible from the bedrooms and the open plan living area. The kitchen / diner leads into a utility closet and pantry, while the living room opens onto a covered porch perfect for extending the space during the summer. A single car garage adds extra storage space if needed.

3. Two-bedroom classic ranch cottage by Family Home Plans
A compact ranch property measuring in at 864 square feet (83 square meters), two bedrooms to fit double beds take up one-half of the house. The other side is dedicated to the open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, with a bathroom and separate laundry room to divide the home. Two entry points keep the front and back gardens accessible, with a porch to the front of the property for relaxing on warm, sunny evenings.